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  Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sugar Land Office

Upright MRI TM  has a convenient location in the heart of Sugar Land across from the First Colony Mall. Or visit our other location: Upright MRI TM  in the Clear Lake area off of Nasa Road 1!

Upright MRI FAQs

Learn more about one of this century's greatest medical advances - the Upright MRI TM! Our FAQ page has answers to the most common questions patients have.


The Upright MRI TM scans patients standing, sitting, and in recumbent positions.

For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing postures and in the position of their symptoms. 

The ultra-open patient environment and its three-dimensional patient positioning system invite a host of future clinical applications as well.

• Scan patients in the position of their symptoms
• Reveal otherwise hidden pathology
• Weight-bearing MRI
• 0.6 Tesla field strength
• The only TRUE Open MRI
• Patients watch television during their scans
• Ideal for claustrophobic or anxious patients

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